Bigger Breasts Enlargement
Results can achieve...
  • Increment of breast size from
    30A to 32B
  • Menopausal customers experience more vaginal secretion
  • Lesser hot flushes
  • Relief of menstrual symptoms
  • Achieve breast fullness
  • Smoother and tighter breast skin
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It is possible to firm up your breast and enlarges them by at least a couple of centimetres without resorting to breast augmentation or silicone bags these days.

Many non-surgical breast enlargement rely on the use of plant estrogens to stimulate the growth of breast tissue. This method of breasts enlargement, by plant estrogens or phytoestrogens causes the body to react in a manner similar to puberty and is non-hormonal. These breast enlargement users have reported growth of several cup sizes.

In most cases, women who choose breast enlargement by phytoestrogen use products that come in the form of a pill to be taken daily or through direct application on the breasts. Breasts enlargement pills generally begin to show results within a few weeks and manufacturers of breast enlargement pills explain that the results can be controlled to an extent by the length of treatment.

Our customers have had successful breast enhancement, attaining increasingly larger breasts with continued usage of our Puerarian products.(True Life Experience..)

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Your Significant Problems

Droopy breast | Small breast | Uneven shaped breast | Flat-chested | Saggy breast |

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Significant Increase In Bust Size

Derma Breast works perfectly for most women. Supported by intensive and numerous clinical researches, the herbaceous plant is proven to have significant positive effects on breast enhancement and enlargement, and the large amounts of soy compound (isoflavones and phytoestrogens/ plant estrogen) it contains is greatly beneficial to the female body.

Results achieved by happy customers:
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breast enhancement
  • Increment of breast size from 30A to 32B
  • Firmer and more toned breasts from 34B to 34C
  • Achieve breast fullness
  • Smoother and tighter beautiful breast skin
  • Lesser hot flushes and relief of menstrual symptoms
  • Pinkish nipples and fairer breast skin
  • Menopausal customers experience more vaginal secretion

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100% Natural Source

It is most difficult to consume an ideal amount (average intake of soy is 50-100 mg per day) of soy, mineral or vitamins in our daily meals to ensure healthy growth of our body.

Derma Breast uses natural source of extract from soy base plant, pueraria roots extract, in the each and every breast enlargement product , hence it is non-hormonal.

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How do Derma Breast products work?

Derma Breast products main ingredient, the famous plant or herb known for its breast enlarging and enhancing properties, pueraria roots, has high soy contents were clinically studied in Thailand, Japan and western laboratory; proven its effect similar with the female hormones that is estrogen receptor.

Its natural estrogenic capability to safely and effectively enlarge breasts. Further reports it can prevent bone loss, ease PMS and relief menopause symptoms.

The phytoestrogen derived mainly from soy base plants, were mentioned and recommended by herbalist and nutritionist as alternative remedy for women's health.

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