Results can achieve...
  • Bust Enlargement from 30A to 32B
  • Lesser hot flushes
  • Relief of menstrual symptoms
  • Achieve breast fullness
  • Smoother and tighter breast skin
      Cream         serum      diffuser    supplement
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How does DermaBreast works?

DermaBreast, breasts enlargement products contain phytoestrogens that will mimic the natural oestrogens in the body, thereby stimulating the activity of estrogen and builds up breasts tissue. The result in breast becoming naturally firm and enlarge.

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Is it safe to use Derma Breast ?

The active ingredient of Derma Breast comes from natural plant which is gentle and non-invasive. The herb, pueraria, has been widely used in Thailand and other countries as breasts enhancement and as well as dietary supplement. Pueraria is also recommended by nutritionist and herbalist for its menopausal relief capability. The health authority of several Asian country has also approved pueraria mirifica’s products for OTC purchase or over-the-counter sale.

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How soon can I see the results?

Although results vary from person to person, normally, the breast starts to get firmer in about 2 to 3 weeks. With proper and regular application, the breasts are expected to enlarge half to 1 inch in 2 months. The longer the product is used, the better the chances of gaining effective breasts enlargement results.

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Who can benefit from Derma Breast?

Derma Breast, breasts enlargement products are recommended for women:

  • 18 years and above whom seek bigger breasts and larger cup size.
  • Suffer weight loss and feel a need to increased breast size and regain breast firmness.
  • Heavy and saggy bust, after child birth and stop breast feeding where there’s a need to tone and lift up their breast.
  • Less endowed, naturally thin and the breasts are too small for their body.

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I see results with Derma Breast and I like to recommend
      to my friend but who should avoid using your product?

DermaBreast breast enlargement products are recommended for ladies 18 years and above who seek firmer and bigger breasts.

However, do note that Derma Breast products are NOT recommended for women who are: currently taking birth control pill, planning for a child, pregnant and breast feeding, have estrogen related illness or conditions such as breast tumor, ovary, uterine cysts and cancer, and thyroid gland problem should also avoid using the products. If you or your friends have similar conditions and are not sure if breast enhancement is suitable for your use, we advise you consult a physician where neccessary.

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I have attained my desired cup size, what will happen
      if I stop using the product? Will my breast go back to the
      original size immediately?
It is always healthy to give your body an ‘interval’ break.  Example if you stop after using 3 bottle of Derma Breast product and wishes to take a break for 1 or 2 months. Do not worry, the breasts will not return to original size or condition immediately. However, if you stop for 3 months and longer, or decided to completely stop using, then it may eventually return to the original bust size. Remember that our body metabolism works every minutes and hour, hence, the nutrients that the breasts have absorbed will slowly be eroded away. More often than not, to maintain the enlarging results and allow the breasts to look perky at all time, ‘maintenance’ is a way to lasting and permanent result!
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There are a few range. Which one should I use?

Because you know your needs and your breasts better than anyone, here with Derma Breast, we recommend the product for its specific enhancement. You can either use 1 product or any combination of Derma Breast products to  help you gain the best possible results.

If you need breasts enlargement, lighten freckles and fine lines at bust area: Derma Breast Serum and Derma Breast Phyto Essence. 

If you need to contour bust line, firm and tone your breasts, usually for large and heavy breasts:  Derma Breast Diffuser

If you need to fill up your bra cup, prevent dehydration of breast skin: Derma Breast Emulsion.

If you want to optimise breast growth or if you have low estrogen level, ease PMS or relief menopause discomfort: Derma Breast Phyto Essence supplement.

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I do not want anyone to know my purchase.
      How will my orders be sent out ?
When you purchase with us, all details are taken care off. Customer’s order is wrapped and packed into plain envelope or box, items cannot be seen through as we use opaque, bubbled film thick envelope. The order will be delivered to you just like a personal mail from a friend. In addition, the delivery will be declared as gifts, skincare or make-up items. The order will also be dispatched for mailing on the next working day.
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